• Protected Agriculture

    Grow with confidence

    Sustainable cultivation with Higher yields.
  • Importance of Design

    Focus on micro details for better productivity.
  • Welcome to the world
    of Hi-tech farming

    Your gateway to reap fortunes.
  • One Stop Solution

    for all Greenhouse Covering Film,
    Mulch Films, Agro Shade Nets
    and Greenhouse Accessories.

We are committed to provide best quality Green House infrastructure solutions

with an excellent service backup and dealer’s network.

Agriplast is the first company in India to introduce education for farmers on quality issues. It believes in imparting knowledge and educating the farmers so that they are empowered to take correct business decisions. The company's quality assurance policy focuses on supply of strictly high quality products to its customers, for long-term use, under harsh and diverse field conditions. All the products are supported with excellent guarantee. Agriplast is committed to the best of technology with an excellent service backup and dealer’s network.

Agriplast's priority is understanding its customers' special needs and adapting solutions to these needs. Agriplast is implementing technologies by skilled professionals and are supported by stringent quality parameters.

We are the market leader in India. Most of the greenhouse growers across the length and breadth of the country are its loyal customers for many years now.


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