Mapal Plastics

Date:Jan 03, 2012

MAPAL PLASTICS manufactures polypropylene sheets and rolls for a wide variety of applications such as stationery, printing, packaging, agriculture and industry.

Specialised equipment for the soilless growing of vegetables, roses, cut flowers, herbs, strawberries and growbag systems.

  Mapal Trough with Side Drainage Holes
  Mapal Trough without Drainage Holes
  Mapal Trough with Drainage Envelope & Drainage Spacer
  Mapal Trough + Drainage Spacer for Growbags (Coir & Rockwool)
  Mapal Drainage Collection Gutters for Growbags (Coir & Rockwool)
  Mapal Galvanized Metal Elevation Trough System
  Mapal Hanging Gutter System for Strawberries
  Assembly of Mapal Hanging Gutter System
  Mapal Troughing System
  Mapal Lysimeter
  Water Recycling System in a Greenhouse

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