We are specialized in offering, supplying, exporting a wide range of Agricultural Products to our clients across the globe. These are available in various specifications and can be customized as per the requirements of the clients. Our comprehensive range of these products includes Plastic Agricultural Products, Agricultural Nets and Net House. These are highly demanded in domestic and international markets for their superior quality, optimum performance, excellent service and varied features.

Our product range includes Greenhouse Covering Film, Mulch Films, Pond Lining, Pic Plast, Troughs Mapal Plastics, Agricultural Nets, Anti Virus Net, Bio Net, Shade Nets, Chromatic Agricultural Net, Aluminet, Anti-Hail Net, Agriculture Net Covered Structures like Vegetable Net, Leafy Greens, Vineyards Net, Orchards Net, Bananas Net, Twine For Crop Support and Greenhouse Film Repair Tape.

Greenhouse Covering Film

The only reason you make the greenhouse structure is to cover it.
So choose you geenhouse film carefully.

Select the film based on your crop and location.
- Drip Lock Clear Greenhouse Covering Film
- Drip Lock Diffused Greenhouse Covering Film
- Suncover Greenhouse Covering Film
- Sunsaver Greenhouse Covering Film
- Sunsaver Clear Greenhouse Covering Film
- Drip Lock S Cool Greenhouse Covering Film

Mulching Film

Mulching is a must to use when you use drip irrigation. Do consult us to choose the right kind of mulch for different crop and season.

- Embossed Mulch Film
- Black and White Embossed Mulch
- Black and Silver Embossed Mulch
- Yellow and Brown Mulching Film
- Orchard Mulch

Soilless Growing Trough

Want to go soilless we have a soultion for you here also. Contact us for more details
- Trough Planter
- Soilless Growing Trough

Shade Net House Structure

Sometimes you can grow more in less expense. Net house structure is the solution for hot and dry areas. Grow the crop like greenhouse at half the price of greenhouse.
- Bananas Shade Net House Structure
- Leafy Greens Net House Structures
- Vegetable Shade Net House Structures
- Vineyards Shade Net House Structure
- Orchards Shade Net Hosue Structure

Shading Net

When you want to provide the plant the condition which it is growing in its natural conditions. Our product is known for high quality and accurate shade percentage. Contact us to know what shade net to be used for which crop.
- Chromatic Agricultural Net
- Shade Net
- Aluminet/Thermal Net

Solarig Product

A superstrong product used as a skirting of greenhouse. It is easy to stitch to the insect net on the sides of the greenhouse.
- Ground Cover
- Solar Side Skirting Film

Plant Protection Net

Unseasonal hail storm damages the crop completely. Beat the nature with specialised nets for plant protectection with ably designed structures to support the net
- Anti-Hail Net
- Insect Net
- Anti Insect Net
- Anti Virus Net

Pond Liner

Perfect solution to store water at the farm for rain water harvesting
- Pond Liner

Agricultural Greenhouse

We supply well designed greenhouse/net house/high tunnels/naturally ventilated tunnels and other turn key solutions from our state of the art factory
- Agricultural Greenhouse
- Naturally ventilated tunnels

Other ascessories

Plant support clips,hooks, trelissing rope etc comes under this group
- Tomato Clip Black (23 mm)
- Tomato Clip White ( 23mm)
- Capsicum/Pepper support


Manufacturer & Exporter of Seeds & Red capsicum/coloured capsicum seeds. Our product range also comprises of Greenhouse Covering Film, Mulching Film and Greenhouse Accessories.
- Red capsicum/coloured capsicum seeds

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