Agriplast Flexi Tank

Agriplast - Flexi Tank

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Agriplast Flexitank is bulk storage solutions for liquids like Water, Oil etc. These tanks are made of flexible material and hence are easy to transport and store. These tanks are recommended for multiple uses and are highly durable with strong mechanical properties. In agriculture, these tanks can be used by the farming communities to store water during water surplus months and consume water from these tanks for irrigation purposes during drought months or during water scarcity. These tanks can also be used to store drinking water for cattle during periods of water scarcity.


  • Agriplast Flexitanks are made of multi-layered polyethylene with a woven polypropylene outer cover, fitted with 3" valves. Our tanks are available in various capacities to meet your requirement - from 1,000 Litres to 1,00,000 Litres. Our tanks have top load and bottom discharge orientation for easy loading through surface mounted valve and unloading through the bottom discharge valve.
SPECIFICATION Agriplast - Flexi Tank
Material Multi-layered polyethylene with a woven polypropylene outer cover
UV Stabilized Yes
UV Life 4 Years*
Tank Capacity 1000 Ltr, 5000 Ltr, 10000 Ltr, 15000 Ltr, 25000 Ltr, 50000 Ltr, 100000 Ltr
Weight 8.5 Kg for 1K Ltr Flexitank, 19 Kg for 5K Ltr Flexitank, 29 Kg for 10K Ltr Flexitank, 29.5 Kg for 15K Ltr Flexitank, 36 Kg for 25K Ltr Flexitank, 71.30 Kg for 50K Ltr Flexitank, 140 Kg for 100K Ltr Flexitank
Recommended for bulk storage solutions for liquids like Water, Oil etc.
Delivery Time Immediate
Port of Dispatch Hosur/Ahmedabad
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Agriplast Flexi Tank