Ginegar Polysak  Optinet (Blocks Insect Vision)

Ginegar Polysak Optinet (Blocks Insect Vision)

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Minimum Order Quantity : 420 Square Meter
Material : Plastic

Product Specification

OptiNet is a sophisticated new-generation anti-insect net that integrates physical and optical protection. This innovative net dramatically reduces the number of pests and insects entering the crop environment, especially thrips and also whitefly and leaf miner. The net contains optical additives (non-toxic) that blind and repel the insects before they reach the net.

  • How do the Nets Work?

There is a growing use of anti-insect nets as an important item (integrated pest management) tool. these nets block the entry of pests and insects into the crop environment. thus reducing the need to apply pesticides. The nets are commonly used to protect vegetable, herb, orchard and flower crops and are used for protection.

Minimum Order Quantity420 Square Meter
Hole Size0.40 x 0.91 mm (40 mesh)
Width4.2 mtr / 5.5 mtr / 6 mtr
Length100 mtr / 200 mtr

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