Aluminet Outdoor 80% Nets
Aluminet Outdoor 80% Nets
Aluminet Outdoor 80% Nets

Aluminet Outdoor 80% Nets

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Minimum Order Quantity : 420 Square Meter+5%GST
Material : Aluminet
Product type : Protective Net
Shade : 75-80%
Diffused Light Transmission : 44%

Product Specification

Saves Energy:
  • Aluminet screens have been tested and proved to save 50% of heating energy, which means direct reduction of you operational costs.

Increases yields: 
  • Better temperature control, together with optimized light management, ensure maximum yield fromyou greenhouse. Aluminet screens raise plant remperatures at night, avoid overheating in the day and improve photosynthesis by increasing the amout of scattered light.

Protects against frost: 
  • Many outdoor crops benefit from improved climate management. Aluminet screens installed on light-frame shade houses protect crops from frost, wind and heat stress, increasing both crop quality and productivity.

  • Aluminet screens carry a long-term guarantee on product quality. The company\'s quality assurance policy focuses on supply of quality products to its customers - for long-term use - under harsh and diverse field conditions. All the company\'s activites are conducted under ISO 9001 and IQNet standards.

How Does It Work?
  • Double-side reflection: Aluminet screens reflect sun radiation during the day, reducing overexposure to heat, and reflect IR radition at night, increasing plant temperature and reducing risk of freezing. The screens also prevent condensation on Leaves.

Light Diffusion: 
  • Aluminet\'s special texture improves light management. The use of special additives and the multifacted reflection of the twisted Aluminet strips contribute ot efficient diffusion of incoming radiation, creating uniform light throughout the greenhouse.
Minimum Order Quantity 420 Square Meter+5%GST
Product type Protective Net
Diffused Light Transmission44%